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Grey County police officer makes a ‘legendary call’

Ajax, ON (April 2016) – MedicAlert Foundation Canada is proud to announce that Constable Ken St. John of the OPP Grey County Detachment will be awarded the Legends of the Call award for 2016. This distinction, awarded just before MedicAlert Month in May, is presented to an emergency responder who follows the MedicAlert Look, Read, Call Procedure which is designed to protect and save the life of someone in need. The constable was selected from a group of law enforcement officers from across the country.

While on patrol in July 2015, Constable St. John passed a female senior citizen he didn’t recognize walking on the side of Highway 10, north of Flesherton. While the woman, Judy B., showed no obvious signs of distress, the constable was sufficiently concerned that he offered to drive her to her destination some four kilometres away. Discovering that Judy had Alzheimer’s, Constable St. John recognized her MedicAlert medical ID and followed the Look, Read, Call procedure, immediately calling MedicAlert’s emergency hotline. This 24-hour hotline, exclusive to MedicAlert, gives emergency responders access to the MedicAlert subscriber’s contact information and critical medical history. Thanks to his exemplary efforts, Judy was happily re-united with her daughter, Nancy.
Nancy shudders to think what would happen without the constable or MedicAlert. “She just as easily could have turned off of the road, wandering into the heavily wooded area, and been gone for hours, or worse. I’m very grateful to Constable St. John and MedicAlert for finding my mom.”
Nancy was excited to hear that Constable St. John had won this year’s Legends of the Call Award. “I couldn’t think of a more deserving recipient. It was because of Constable St. John’s instinct for keeping people safe, that he was able to recognize something was amiss, when others would have just driven by.” 
Constable Ken St. John will receive the Legends of the Call award at the Blue Line Awards Gala on April 26, 2016, in the presence of his law enforcement colleagues.
“We believe that the benefits our MedicAlert service offers, including our customized medical ID helps emergency responders save lives,” says Robert Ridge, MedicAlert Foundation Canada’s President and CEO, “The laudable work of Constable Ken St. John proves it. It’s with pride that we name him our Legends of the Call award winner this year. His commitment to the Look, Read, Call procedure inspires us to work even harder to reach every emergency responder across the country.” 

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