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How a Middlesex-London, Ontario, Paramedic won the annual Legends of The Call award, presented in partnership by the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada and MedicAlert Foundation Canada.

Toronto, ON (June 14, 2019)“An elderly gentleman had sustained a fall and hit his head. We noted a MedicAlert ID on his wrist. It was really the only way of determining who this person was as well as directing us to the possible reason for the emergency call.”Devin Reynolds, 2019 Legend of The Call award winner  

Last May, Devin and his partner were dispatched to a serious accident: an elderly man had fallen and struck his head. When they arrived on the scene, the streets were buzzing with traffic. The man was confused and disoriented. He didn’t know who or where he was. And that’s when Devin put into practice what his instructors in Sarnia had ingrained in him during his training: MedicAlert’s Look- Read-Call procedure.
Look: to see if a patient is wearing a MedicAlert ID.
Read: the engraving on the back of the MedicAlert ID to learn vital information about the patient.
Call: the unique MedicAlert 24/7 emergency hotline to reach a live MedicAlert agent for the patient-provided full medical history.
“When we took him into the ambulance, we noted his MedicAlert ID and I breathed a sigh of relief as this would help us figure out more unknown details on this gentleman. I called the Hotline number and was able to find out more information on his medical history, medications and emergency contacts.”
Paramedics like Devin know the huge difference a MedicAlert ID can make by giving them access to critical information which helps facilitate early recognition and communication between healthcare teams.
It’s because of Devin’s actions that this patient had a positive outcome. And why Devin is being honoured with the 2019 Legends of The Call award from MedicAlert Foundation Canada. He will receive the award at the 2019 Paramedic Chiefs of Canada Leadership Summit’s Gala Banquet to be held on June 13th in PEI.

About the MedicAlert Foundation Canada

MedicAlert Foundation Canada (MAFCA) is the largest membership-based registered charity in Canada. It is the leading provider of emergency medical information services. More than one million Canadians have been protected by their services. For over 50 years, its mission is to protect Canadians and save lives. 
The Foundation’s services include electronic health records, a state-of-the-art secure database, a 24-hour emergency hotline for emergency responders and customized identification products. 
Learn more about MedicAlert, how it works, and how you or a loved one can become a member at MedicAlert.ca or by calling 1-866-679-3166.
About The Paramedic Chiefs of Canada

The Paramedic Chiefs of Canada (PCC), led by its Board of Directors, empowers members and leaders to make changes nationally in the Paramedic profession. The PCC provides a platform for sharing of information and encourages changes to policy where possible.
Our membership is comprised of Paramedic leaders across Canada, with over 325 Paramedic Chiefs, managers, and Paramedics coast to coast. The mission of the PCC is to advance and align Paramedic leadership across Canada. We are the national voice advocating for Paramedic Services in Canada
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