COVID-19 – How MedicAlert Foundation Canada is helping:
As the situation in Canada rapidly shifts, we are taking measures to “flatten the curve,” assist our first responder partners, and keep both our subscribers and employees safe. We want to assure you that MedicAlert’s 24/7 Emergency Hotline is fully operational. We are also committed to maintaining the quality service you have come to expect from us. As always, our customer service representatives are ready to take your calls between 9am and 8pm (Eastern Time) Monday to Friday at 1-800-668-1507. PLEASE NOTE, following the recommendation of Public Health officials, we have closed our Toronto office to visitors. Thank you for your understanding.
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Look - Read - Call

At MedicAlert Foundation Canada, part of our charitable mandate is to ensure emergency professionals are aware of the patient information available on each person wearing a MedicAlert ID.  This improves patient outcomes and helps save lives. Here’s how it works:

As a healthcare professional, patients rely on you for information and advice. When you recommend MedicAlert Foundation Canada to your patients, feel confident knowing they will be protected by a non-profit, registered charity with more than 54 years of experience and credibility in providing immediate, accurate medical information services at the time of a medical emergency.