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“I wouldn’t think of taking off my MedicAlert ID. And I don’t think twice about renewing my service plan.”

Why Jon chooses MedicAlert:

Only globally accepted medical standards are used.

MedicAlert continues to be your voice in an emergency.

After five decades, MedicAlert remains the most trusted medical ID service in Canada. While we hope you never face an emergency, you do know that MedicAlert helps you live life with more security and confidence.

Don’t trust your life to any other medical identification.

Other IDs merely engrave your conditions on an emblem. MedicAlert offers you a full range of benefits, many of which are exclusive to us:

  • The 24/7 Emergency Hotline relays your key medical information to emergency responders within an average of five seconds of a call, in 140 languages
  • Medically trained specialists ensure that all information on your MedicAlert ID adheres to globally accepted medical standards that are critically relied upon by emergency responders
  • Your family is quickly notified in the event of an emergency
  • We train and educate emergency responders to spot the MedicAlert emblem

Renew now - it only takes moments.

Renew your service plan today, or call a Contact Centre Service Representative at 1.800.668.1507.

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"During an emergency, when seconds count, we need to gather information as quickly as possible in order to determine the best course of action," says advanced care paramedic Blair Bigham. "MedicAlert can provide crucial medical details almost instantly — what type of medication a patient is on, if they've had recent surgery, emergency contact information and so on. However, this information is only useful if it is up to date. The more up to date the information is, the more useful it becomes."