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Welcome to the MedicAlert Connect Protect family!

When we first introduced the MedicAlert Connect Protect service two years ago, we set a goal to introduce this life-saving service to every Canadian community that needs it.[...]

Research based benefits of music for walking

When you’re walking and you hear a catchy song, does the music encourage you to step up the pace so that you’re moving in time to the beat? If so, that’s good! Walking speed reveals a lot about your overall health and energy and is a good predictor of how well and how long you may live.[...]

Have Diabetes? Monitor your glucose levels using the ‘My MedicAlert App’

If you have diabetes, you are likely aware of the importance of tracking your glucose levels before and after you eat.  Your glucose readings can help you understand how your diet, exercise, and medications impact your Diabetes.[...]

Caregiving & Alzheimer’s: A daughter’s story.

Kathleen F. of Guelph, Ontario, was 20 when she learned that her mother, Moira, had early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Moira was just 51 at the time. Her symptoms were subtle at first. There were instances of forgetfulness, but they were explained away as the by-products of a hectic lifestyle.[...]

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