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Conditions - Diabetes

Why should someone with diabetes wear a MedicAlert medical ID ?

When you have a diabetic emergency, your sugar levels must be corrected quickly to save your life. However, sometimes your symptoms can resemble aggression or intoxication, leading paramedics and doctors down the wrong path which can delay appropriate treatment. Your MedicAlert ID jewelry instantly helps them understand your diabetic episode so they can correct your sugar levels. MedicAlert is there for you when every seconds count.  Sign Up

How does MedicAlert work for people with diabetes?

Your MedicAlert medical ID bracelet is just what it sounds like: a medical alert to any paramedics or doctors who might be trying to save you in an emergency. Awareness of your condition can save you when every second counts.

Doctors often recommend that people wear an official MedicAlert ID bracelet. As a charity, we’ve been the trusted emergency information experts in Canada for over 60 years. Only MedicAlert ensures your bracelet is custom engraved in standard medical language reviewed by MedicAlert's medically trained specialists, and includes a 24/7 hotline to answer emergency questions from paramedics and emergency responders.

In fact, your MedicAlert medical ID works even when you're traveling. Our exclusive hotline specialists pick up the phone to take calls from paramedics in over 140 languages.

What types of medical IDs does MedicAlert have?

Your MedicAlert ID can be a bracelet, necklace, watch, wristband, and more. Our materials include gold, silver, stainless steel, and more. Browse our styles of MedicAlert ID jewellery for men, women and children.