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With an active lifestyle, Carol counts on MedicAlert protection.

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Carol is the embodiment of health and fitness. The fact that she is 68 speaks to a phenomenal drive to achieve her very best.

While Carol has no life-threatening conditions, she has endured two complex surgeries in the past three years. Her MedicAlert bracelet has been a source of reassurance ever since.

“Accidents can happen at any time. I want first responders to be aware of my surgeries. And, through the process of elimination, they will be aware of the fact that I do not have any serious systemic problems; this, in turn, will assist them in providing appropriate care".

Carol’s youngest son, Jonathan, works at MedicAlert as Marketing Manager, Partnerships. He was the catalyst for his mom to subscribe for protection. “It’s a great organization. And I’m so proud of his transition from a profit to a non-profit organization.”

As a registered psychologist, Carol was the Chief Psychologist and Manager of the Special Services Department at an Ottawa school board; she worked for the school board for almost 30 years before starting her own business.

She became a health and fitness “addict” almost by accident. “In my early fifties, I started going to a gym with a neighbour, who just wanted company. I got hooked right away.”

Carol now teaches up to 8 fitness classes every week and she participates in another 6 classes. Many years ago she began developing pain in her lower back, a symptom of spinal slippage. She had spinal fusion surgery in 2015 and spent three months in a body brace. From that surgery, Carol now has two rods and six screws in her lower back. Seven months later she had a total hip replacement.

She recovered very quickly from both surgeries and today, as a certified fitness instructor, she helps others reach their personal goals.

“Psychologists and fitness instructors can have similar goals. Both fields strive to assist people to be content with whom they are now and to help them achieve new goals in the future".

Her blue Swarovski MedicAlert bracelet has been a hit with her classes. “I’ve had reactions like, ‘stunning’, ‘gorgeous’, and some members said ‘I didn't know that MedicAlert carried such beautiful jewelry.’ I’m delighted that I’m helping tell more Canadians about MedicAlert.”


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