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MedicAlert spoke loud and clear to save a new mom and her unborn child.

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Tara knows all too well the value of a MedicAlert bracelet and service plan. The 36-year-old mom and former paramedic has worn one ever since undergoing gastric bypass surgery a few years ago. The surgery helped her lose weight but it also came with the risk of developing severe complications at any time. 

This possibility became a reality when Tara was pregnant with her son. Her bowel twisted and she became so intensely ill that she lost consciousness. Unable to advocate for herself, her MedicAlert bracelet spoke loud and clear to help doctors quickly determine that she needed emergency surgery.

“Time was of the essence and the doctors were able to avoid delivering my son at just 23 weeks because they were able to figure out the problem with the information on my MedicAlert bracelet fast enough. MedicAlert was basically my voice when I didn’t have one.”

Tara also lives with a severe allergy to seafood and Meniere’s disease (a disorder that can cause severe vertigo). Both are also engraved on her MedicAlert bracelet.

“Speaking as a former first responder, sometimes that vital piece of information on the bracelet can make a huge difference in what you do next. Everyone thinks that they can just tell the paramedics what’s wrong, but so often you can’t.”

She considers her MedicAlert bracelet to be so important that on her wedding day in October, she stood before family and friends in a stunning gown paired with an elegant white band MedicAlert bracelet.

“Things can happen when you least expect it. For me, the added touch on one of the most important days of my life was that I didn’t have to lessen my safety and security. MedicAlert is a huge part of my life and it was easy to integrate it into one of the best days of my life,” says Tara, adding that the many MedicAlert bracelet options make it easy to customize it to any outfit.

“It’s really affordable — it’s just $5 a month. And for me, MedicAlert is worth so much more than that because it saved me and my unborn child.”

Thank you Tara for sharing your MedicAlert story with us! Are you a MedicAlert subscriber and would like to share your story? We would love to hear from you! Share your story at

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