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Lorraine was in a car accident and help was sent to her within 7 minutes.

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On a cold wintry night last December, Lorraine was returning home with her son from a family Christmas celebration in North Bay, Ontario when poor road conditions led to her being involved in a four-car collision. In the impact, her car spun out and she hit her head on the side window. Within seconds, an emergency hotline agent was asking whether she was hurt and was dispatching police and paramedics to her location.

“I couldn’t have asked for better service. I’m here and doing well because MedicAlert was there for me,” says Lorraine, from her Guelph home. “It was a scary situation but the help I got from MedicAlert was fantastic.”

In addition to her MedicAlert bracelet, Lorraine wears a device called MedicAlert GPS Guardian Connect. First introduced in 2017, this advanced GPS-enabled mobile personal emergency response system empowers individuals to live active and independent lives, with just one press of a button away from MedicAlert’s 24/7 Emergency Hotline.

Lorraine’s GPS device detected a potential fall, then located her and dispatched police and paramedics to her within 7 minutes. She first signed up for MedicAlert after sustaining a head injury in a fall. She also lives with type 2 Diabetes and has had two knee replacement surgeries over the years.

“There are some things I can’t do. If I fall, I have problems which is what makes MedicAlert and the GPS device that much more important to me,” she says.

“And since the car accident, it has definitely proven its value to me.”

Representative photo to protect Lorraine’s privacy.


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