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Welcome to the MedicAlert Connect Protect family!

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Niagara Regional Police and Peel Regional Police join MedicAlert Connect Protect.

When we first introduced the MedicAlert Connect Protect service two years ago, we set a goal to introduce this life-saving service to every Canadian community that needs it.

Today, that goal is not one, but two more steps closer to being achieved. That’s because we recently joined forces with Niagara Regional Police (NRP) and Peel Regional Police in Ontario.

NRP Chief Bryan MacCulloch: “Expanding our vulnerable person's registry through this partnership will increase the safety of people … and return them to their families as quickly as possible or help de-escalate situations.”

Not familiar with the service yet?  Let us tell you more about it! MedicAlert Connect helps ensure people living with autism, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders, or a cognitive brain injury receive immediate and focused attention in an emergency. Police officers receive 24-hour access to a registered subscriber’s photo, identity, past wandering history, and other vital emergency information through their MedicAlert medical IDs.

The peace-of-mind of MedicAlert Connect Protect is already being felt by Earl and Jodi of St. Catharines in the Niagara region.

Earl, who lives with early onset dementia, loves to walk along the nearby Welland Canal, which connects Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.

"As long as he stays on the canal it's fine, but sometimes he wanders," Jodi says. Earl’s condition was the key reason he became a MedicAlert subscriber, prior to MedicAlert Connect Protect launching in his community.

Niagara Regional Police and Peel Regional Police join a growing list of police services that have embraced this effective way of protecting a community’s most vulnerable members, now covering over 6.1 million Canadians in 12 municipalities in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Ontario.

Don’t see your police service represented on this list? Contact us at to discover how you can help introduce it to your community. For more general information, click here.

As always, thanks to everyone who subscribes or has given generously in the past – you make initiatives like MedicAlert Connect Protect possible!

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