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MedicAlert anniversary message

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Dear MedicAlert subscribers and families of subscribers,

It is truly my privilege to introduce you to our new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Françoise Faverjon-Fortin. Françoise knows MedicAlert very well; she has spent 10 years volunteering on our board of directors including being Chairperson. Prior to joining MedicAlert in her CEO role, Françoise held a number of senior leadership positions in governance, business development, international business and more, with Export Development Canada (EDC) for 28 years. She is passionate and very committed to our charitable mission to help save lives by providing medical identification services at the time of need. 

This July marks our 57th year anniversary in helping to protect the lives of Canadians. Since 1961, MedicAlert has helped protected over one million Canadians – and many more if you consider the peace of mind enjoyed by loved ones, friends and caregivers.

We couldn’t have done it without you. Whenever you donate to or renew your subscription with us, you are supporting charitable initiatives that improve the lives of Canadians, many of whom live in financial hardship.

What has your support accomplished recently? Hope you are as proud as we are!

  • MedicAlert Connect Protect service that allows police have quick and secure access to our subscribers’ profiles has been recently expanded to Ontario’s Niagara, Peel and York regions. This unique service is now available in 13 communities across Canada, help serving over 7.2 million Canadians; with more to come later in this year.
  • If you didn’t know, brain injury is the number one cause of death and disability worldwide among children, youth and those under age 44. Approximately 1.5 million Canadians live with the effects of an acquired brain injury. We are very pleased to welcome our new partner, Brain Injury Canada, to help serve this community. This new partnership is designed to help emergency responders and police identify the symptoms of brain injury quickly and respond with timely and customized care.

Having our service expanded to include these two initiatives enable MedicAlert to increase and improve on protecting and serving more and more Canadians. Together, we have achieved great things. And now, together with Françoise, we can all look forward to many more. Thank you.


Robert Ridge

MedicAlert Foundation Canada

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