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Shelley shares how MedicAlert protects her and her two boys living with special needs.

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At 18, Evan has reached the age where he is gaining independence, leaving home to go to school and learning to navigate the world on his own. This life stage can make many mothers nervous. Yet despite the fact that mom, Shelley, has always kept him close because he lives with multiple anaphylactic allergies, suffers from seizures and is on the autism spectrum, she’s not worried about his safety.

That’s because Evan wears a MedicAlert bracelet.

“Evan was almost 4 years old when he had his first MedicAlert bracelet. He’s an adult now and learning to ride transit on his own. And I’m okay with it because he has his MedicAlert bracelet,” says Shelley from her home in Alberta. Shelley is committed to raising awareness of MedicAlert ID service and has volunteered at several MedicAlert Connect Protect launches in Alberta and B.C. MedicAlert Connect Protect is a one-of-a-kind service that gives emergency responders and healthcare providers quick and secure, 24/7 access to a MedicAlert subscriber’s electronic medical profile.

“As a mom with two children with special needs, the MedicAlert Connect Protect service excites me to no end. It’s one more tool that emergency responders now have at their fingertips to make that interaction a positive interaction.” Shelley works as an educator for Special Needs Advocacy & Education Network to provide specialized training for emergency responders.

Shelley’s 10-year-old son, Anden, lives with several anaphylactic food allergies and is also on the autism spectrum. He also wears a MedicAlert bracelet. “We went through a scary experience to learn about the allergies and he started wearing a MedicAlert bracelet when he was in pre-school.”

“Anden is the kind of kid who will bolt. So if sirens are coming or there’s some emergency, he will take off and hide and he won’t talk to anyone, especially strangers,” she says. “Now with MedicAlert Connect Protect, emergency responders are going to be able to get the information they need to help him.

“I would totally recommend MedicAlert [service] to anyone that has special needs or other types of medical conditions, the peace of mind is huge.”

Shelley, too, wears a MedicAlert bracelet because of an allergy to penicillin and aspirin. “I play hockey; what would happen if I had a crash on the ice and I couldn’t speak? I wear my MedicAlert bracelet and I’m protecting myself just as I’m protecting my kids.”

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