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B.C. Paramedic named 2018 Legends of the Call Paramedic Award recipient.

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MedicAlert Foundation Canada is proud to recognize Paramedic Adam Forseth of British Columbia Emergency Health Services as the recipient of our 2018 Legends of the Call Paramedic Award.

This distinction is presented annually to a paramedic who has demonstrated outstanding performance in following the MedicAlert Look-Read-Call Procedure, which is designed to protect and save the life of someone in need.

One day last Summer, Adam and his paramedics team responded to a call concerning an elderly man who was found wandering in busy downtown Vancouver traffic. 

The man was barefoot and confused. “He was only able to provide his first name. He said he lived in Victoria but could not give us an address,” recalls Adam.

He noticed the man’s MedicAlert ID earlier and immediately called the 24/7 Emergency Hotline when they arrived in triage at a nearby hospital.

The MedicAlert representative provided Adam with his patient’s medical information, and a conference call was set up an emergency contact.

Adam learned that the man didn’t live in Victoria but rather in Edmonton, where he had been reported missing for four days. The man was given the care and safety he needed, effectively averting a life-threatening situation.

(L to R): Randy Mellow, President, Paramedic Chiefs of Canada; Catherine Horlock, Director of Customer Experience & Strategic Alliances, MedicAlert Foundation Canada; Paul Vallely, Senior Provincial Executive Director, Patient Care Delivery, BC Emergency Health Services; Adam Forseth, BC Emergency Health Services; Kelly Nash, Executive Director, Paramedic Chiefs of Canada; Françoise Faverjon-Fortin, Chief Executive Officer, MedicAlert Foundation Canada

How might have the story been different without MedicAlert protection?

“In this particular situation, the man would have been labeled as ‘patient unknown”, says Adam. “He would have just languished in the waiting room for hours.” Having the MedicAlert ID service truly helped to ensure the positive outcome for this gentleman.

MedicAlert CEO Françoise Faverjon-Fortin continues to be impressed by the compassion and proactivity of Canadian paramedics.

“As front line healthcare workers, paramedics have an incredibly tough job. The fact that MedicAlert helps them provide Canadians with exceptional life-saving care is very gratifying. Congratulations, Adam, your professionalism inspires us all!” shares Françoise.

To learn more about this award or its past recipients, visit the MedicAlert News section on our website.


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