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Remember to take your medications using the ‘My MedicAlert app’

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It is not always easy to remember to take your medications when life gets busy with family functions, house chores, and work.
However, taking your medications as prescribed is especially important if you have any heart related conditions.  For example, taking your blood pressure medications does not only help control your blood pressure, but can also help lower your chances of having complications including chronic kidney disease, heart failure, heart attack, or even a stroke.
We have created the ‘Medication Tracker’ tool to help you keep track of your medications, and it is one of many tools available in the My MedicAlert app. This tool allows you to keep a record of all your medications in one place and even sets automatic reminders for you.  You can easily share your medication list and any skipped days with your pharmacist or doctor.  The more information your providers have on your medication habits, the more they can help take care of your health.
To start, simply click on the ‘Medication Tracker’ tool on the home screen of the My MedicAlert app. 
Here are detailed steps:

  1. Download the My MedicAlert app on your phone, or click here to use the online version
  2. Click on the ‘Medication Tracker’ tool on the home screen
  3. Click ‘Add Medication’ to enter your medication details and set reminders (note that the reminders are set automatically, however, you can also choose “no reminders” if you don’t want to be reminded)
  4. Click ‘Finished’ when done
  5. Simply click ‘Take’ or ‘Skip’ to indicate if you remembered or forgot to take your medication that day. The more you use the tool, the more information you will have to share with your pharmacist or doctor!



Download yours today online at medicalert.healthstorylines.com, or on your phone:

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