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With Ian’s on-the-go lifestyle, MedicAlert is a constant companion.

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Setting the pace. 84-year old Ian Lavery is the proof that an active life is a good life.

Montreal native and long-time Toronto resident Ian Lavery was born with a heart murmur, a serious condition that doesn’t seem to have slowed him down in the slightest.

Over the course of a successful career, Ian climbed many rungs of the corporate ladder, including senior sales roles and real estate development roles at a leading Canadian energy provider. Ian retired at 55 with the goal of spending more time with his two great passions - vintage cars and his community.

A man who set the pace all his life gets a pacemaker at 77.

In 2009, when Ian was 77, he suddenly became dizzy and weak on his feet. He was rushed to the nearest hospital and informed by doctors that he would need a pacemaker. The surgery, a fairly routine one these days, was a success and Ian felt great afterward. For his safety and peace of mind, medical staff recommended that he sign up for MedicAlert.

He’s been wearing Canada’s most trusted medical ID ever since. But he’s not just a subscriber - Ian’s an enthusiast. “There’s nothing better”, he responds succinctly.

In the years prior, and since his pacemaker was implanted, Ian has undergone five other surgeries, including one for prostate. He always updates his online medical record whenever there is a change in his condition or medication, something he strongly recommends to other subscribers. The father of two also considers MedicAlert’s Family Notification Service an essential service.

Retirement? What’s that?

Now 84, Ian still lives life with amazing level of energy. His days are filled with vintage cars and helping people in his community. His MedicAlert medical ID and service are ‘must-haves’ now more than ever.

“Thankfully I haven’t had to call on MedicAlert service to help me, but I definitely feel safer knowing it’s there. In an emergency, it tells people the information they need to know – so I get the best possible treatment.”

All of which is a good thing, because Ian shows no signs of slowing down! His responsibilities as a judge in prestigious vintage car shows take him to various Canadian and U.S. destinations throughout the year.

Giving back to his community is important to Ian. For close to two decades, he has volunteered at a Community Information Centre, helping seniors, new immigrants, students and people with family problems. If that’s not enough, Ian is also Chairman of the Member’s Council at a seniors centre in Toronto, and serves on a Committee at his local hospital.

For us at MedicAlert, it’s immensely gratifying to hear that our service is helping Canadians pursue their life’s passions with confidence. Ian, thank you for sharing your story with us -- and for inspiring our subscribers, regardless of their age!

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