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An athlete’s trust in MedicAlert grows when she discovers it’s a medical go-to for emergency responders.

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Angelica was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on her 21st birthday. It was a blow for the young athlete – and a surprise. She remembered thinking that no one in her family was known to have diabetes. Why her?

Angelica now looks back and realizes that her body was sending her warning signs for some time.

“I literally had all of the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes,” she explains. “Headaches, tiredness, frequent bathroom breaks, drinking a ton of water. I didn’t put two and two together.”
Now that she’s a MedicAlert subscriber (and fan), Angelica appreciates MedicAlert’s presence in the emergency responder community.

“I spoke to a friend that works for 911. She said that paramedics do look for MedicAlert IDs. That gives me peace of mind.”

Angelica is filled with energy and hopes for the future. She is using different tools to help her manage her glucose levels. She continues to pursue her passion for physical activity. She doesn’t run as much anymore, but has embraced hiking and dance.  “Thanks to MedicAlert, I can do the stuff I love without worrying about what would happen to me if I were in an emergency.”

Thank you, Angelica, for sharing your story with us! Are you a MedicAlert subscriber with a story to tell? We would love to hear from you at

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