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Get a dose of healthy wisdom with the My MedicAlert app

January 2019 Share with   facebook   twitter

For many of you, January marks the beginning of a new calendar year and a fresh start. Regardless of whether you follow the tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions or not, everyone can benefit from the encouragement and wisdom from others to help us get through the day. We’ve captured some of this wisdom in the “Healthy Doses” tool in the My MedicAlert app – a library of wisdom that you can access at any time of day.
These Healthy Doses can provide a sense of comfort in whatever situation you may be going through. This can be especially reassuring in times of uncertainty, isolation, or failure – which we all experience. Use these tools to support you as you move forward and turn mishaps and setbacks into learning opportunities.
You can choose to get a dose of wisdom in any of the following categories:  gratitude, optimism, love, mindfulness, and humor. For example, if you are struggling to finish a difficult task, simply select on “Optimism” and you will receive a boost of positivity to help you get through the task.
There’s no time like the present! Try out Healthy Doses for yourself and get the inspiration and motivation you need, when you need it.
Just take these three simple steps:

  1. Click on ‘Healthy Doses’ on your homepage of the MedicAlert app
  2. Click what type of wisdom you would like to receive (gratitude, optimism, funny, love, mindfulness)
  3. Click ‘Save It!’ to store the quote, or ‘Thanks’ to pass
Download the MedicAlert app today online at medicalert.ca/My-MedicAlert-App, or find it on your phone:

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