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Start the New Year off right with the Health Routine Builder.

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Start your 2019 off right with healthier habits. From getting more exercise to eating more wholesome foods, the Health Routine Builder enables you to create, customize, and keep track of your 2019 goals so you can be your best self this new year.

By using the Health Routine Builder to track your everyday goals, the app can help you keep yourself accountable by building better habits. Stay consistent and your healthy habits will stick!

How to use the Healthy Routine Builder:

  1. Click on ‘Health Routine Builder’ in the menu on the home screen (Or add it to your home screen via the Tool Library)
  2. Select ‘Add a Routine’ to customize a routine you’d like to keep a track of. 
  3. Choose a Frequency to determine how often you’ll be reminded to accomplish your Health Routine.
Download the MedicAlert app today online at medicalert.ca/My-MedicAlert-App, or find it on your phone:

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