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Find the right health tools that fit your specific needs with the Tool Library.

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It’s extremely important to keep tabs on your health care, especially in between doctor or specialist’s visits. To support you along your health care journey and to manage your health conditions, we have created and shared a number of self care tools in the Tool Library of your MedicAlert Storylines app.

Each tool has been categorized to simplify your search experience. Whether you’re looking for a tool to track your vitals, or overall symptoms, simply review the category listing and easily find what you need.

By using the Tool Library feature, you can find the health tools that you need, when you need them.

How to use the Tool Library:

  1. Access the main menu by selecting the menu button on the far bottom right side of your application. (Hint: It looks like 9 dots in the shape of a square!
  2. Select the “Tool Library” feature in the main menu.
  3. Browse through the categories of tools or use the search bar function at the top of the page to find what you’re looking for!
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