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A long-time subscriber explains why MedicAlert is with her every step of the way while she’s traveling abroad.

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Most of our subscribers may not need the protection MedicAlert offers beyond the communities in which they live and work.

But what if you travel within Canada, to the U.S. or overseas? It's reassuring to know that MedicAlert is recognized internationally and provides vital medical information in the case of an emergency.

Just ask Sonya, who experienced a near-fatal allergic reaction years ago while vacationing in South America.

At the time, she was visiting a resort in Columbia with her parents and a boyfriend. Her stomach became upset, so Sonya saw a local doctor, who wrote her a prescription.

“I didn't realize it was penicillin, which I'm allergic to,” recalls Sonya. “The next day, we travelled to another resort and I was super sick along the way. I was developing hives, and a severe rash.”

Sonya saw another doctor when they arrived at a different resort, but he didn't speak English.

“The new doctor gave me a shot because I had begun throwing up. I was concerned that he might have given me more penicillin, so I started pointing emphatically to my MedicAlert ID. He recognized it immediately and gave me a shot of epinephrine to counter the penicillin. I began to feel a lot better immediately.”

The reason Sonya's doctor was able to react so quickly to her medical needs is also what makes MedicAlert service irreplaceable in an emergency situation. Every MedicAlert medical ID is reviewed by medically trained professionals and engraved with globally accepted medical terminology.

“You don't have to speak the language – your MedicAlert ID translates your condition for you”, adds Sonya. “If I hadn't been wearing my MedicAlert ID in Columbia, I would have died, I'm certain of it.”

Sonya has been a MedicAlert subscriber for 30 years now and she's on a mission to tell others about MedicAlert, including writing about her experiences on Facebook.

“The word needs to get out so more lives can be saved.” Sonya, by sharing your story you're helping do just that. Thank you!

Are you a MedicAlert subscriber and would like to share your story? We would love to hear from you! Share your story at
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