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How one sports enthusiast’s MedicAlert ID helped a police officer save his life

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Patrick Skidmore enjoys his summers full of recreational softball. And since being diagnosed with acute asthma, he's never once let this medical condition sideline his enjoyment of the game.
Patrick considers MedicAlert, his healthcare team's Most Valuable Player. Here's why.
In 1983, while leaving a crowded sports event, Patrick experienced an asthma attack. Gasping for air and falling to the ground, with no voice to communicate, Patrick reached for a nearby spectator. By pointing to his wrist, this good Samaritan quickly recognized Patrick's MedicAlert bracelet and shouted out amongst the crowd for help.
"I remember a police officer firing questions at me", says Patrick. "When I couldn't respond verbally, he read my MedicAlert bracelet and rushed me to the hospital. Once I recovered, 6 days later, the doctors informed me that if he had waited 10 minutes longer to respond, the result would have been fatal."
Since then, Patrick and his wife have become strong advocates for their own healthcare and the safety of others. "We re-certify ourselves in CPR every 2 years, knowing that a medical emergency can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere."
“It's something I wear 24/7, never leaving my wrist. I even have a backup bracelet for when I'm playing sports or traveling. As a MedicAlert member and donor, it's a service that I'm proud to support and encourage others living with a medical condition, like me, to look into."
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