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How one subscriber overcame her medical diagnoses

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Kristin Connors Kristen Connors didn’t have the easiest start to life. A host of medical conditions diagnosed when she was a baby led to many weeks in hospital with doctors telling her parents that she’d likely never walk or talk. After many years of intensive therapy, Kristen defied the odds. Not only did she learn how to talk, but she also persevered so she could walk for short periods of time. 
Kristen is now 25 years old and continues to live with multiple allergies and complicated health including polycystic ovary syndrome, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, anxiety, silicon and metal allergies and well as a host of drug allergies. Despite these health setbacks, it hasn’t stopped her from enjoy her life. Kristen is an outgoing person who likes spending time with her family, catching up with friends, and being with her partner Robert who is also a MedicAlert subscriber. You can read about Robert’s MedicAlert story here.
Not too long ago, Kristen was enjoying a typical Saturday evening, spending time with her friends playing board games when she began to feel strong stomach cramps. The abdominal pain soon intensified leaving her unable to move. Cleary stressed from the situation and now in excruciating pain, Kristen burst into tears and asked her friend to contact her father so he could drive her to the local hospital.
The stress of not knowing what was wrong with her body caused her to hyperventilate to the point where she could not speak. Robert, who was also at her side, tried his best to answer questions the hospital staff had for Kristen, however, he was unable to relay all her medical conditions and health background.
“That’s when I started to realize that it would help if I had a MedicAlert bracelet,” Kristen says. “The hospital staff could have checked the information on my bracelet, and immediately had access to the medical information on my file.”
As distressing as the hospital visit was, it wasn’t until another close call occurred that made Kristen realize she needed to become a MedicAlert subscriber.
Kristen and Robert were at a local fast food restaurant when her body “gave out”, and she hit her head on the dining table which left her unconscious. Fortunately, Robert was with her, and was able to help, but she was concerned about incidents that could happen in the future when he might not be there.
“Sometimes your friends and family are with you to assist, but if you are by yourself and you’re wearing a MedicAlert ID, then a paramedic can check your ID, call the hotline, and get the whole story. I keep my MedicAlert file updated, too– whereas sometimes the hospital doesn’t always have the most current information.”
Now a MedicAlert subscriber, Kristen feels protected and has peace of mind. Plus, MedicAlert also has a variety of MedicAlert IDs that are suitable for Kristen’s metal allergies. Kristen chose the colorful paracord style to suit her bright outlook on life.
Kristen and her partner Robert are both strong advocates for MedicAlert. Robert also encouraged his parents to become MedicAlert subscribers.
"I encourage everyone to become a MedicAlert subscriber,” Kristen says. “Even if you don’t have any illnesses or allergies, paramedics and doctors can immediately access your medical file in the result of an emergency and know they can administer any drugs without issues.”  
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