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Dr. Donald Weaver

Dr. Donald Weaver

Director, Krembil
Research Institute
University Health Network
Dr. Donald Weaver MD, PhD, FRCPC is Director of the Krembil Research Institute, University Health Network, University of Toronto. Dr. Weaver is an internationally recognized research leader in university-based drug design and discovery for neurological disorders. He is unique, being a practicing neurologist with a PhD in medicinal chemistry/drug design.

Dr. Weaver has published widely in all aspects of brain-related drug discovery in journals such as Nature (Medicine), The New England J of Medicine, Neurology and Drug Discovery Today. He has designed and co-developed two drugs that have reached Phase III human trials and has four others in preclinical development; one of these drugs (tramiprosate) was one of the first “disease-modifying” drugs in the world to reach Phase III clinical trials for Alzheimer’s dementia.

Dr. Weaver has more than 600 peer-reviewed publications and conference abstracts, has published a widely used textbook on drug design (Medicinal Chemistry: A Molecular and Biochemical Approach to Drug Design), has been an invited speaker at more than 100 national and international conferences, and holds 47 patents with another 195 patents pending.

He is the founder of eight start-up biotech companies, one of which had an IPO and was listed on NASDAQ and the TSX and has won numerous awards including the PRIX GALIEN CANADA (2009), JONAS SALK CANADA AWARD (2011) and the S. WEIR MITCHELL AWARD (American Academy of Neurology, 1991).