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Why No Child Without?

Free 24/7 MedicAlert protection for school-aged children

No Child Without is a charitable program made available through the generous support of MedicAlert subscribers, parents and other donors. Offered through registered schools, the program provides a free MedicAlert ID and service plan to eligible children between the ages of 4 and 14. No Child Without gives both parents and teachers peace of mind knowing that if a child has a medical condition, allergy or special need, his or her vital medical information is readily available and can be accurately communicated in an emergency.

For Parents

MedicAlert IDs speak for your children when they can’t speak for themselves.

For School Administrators

MedicAlert IDs help ensure your staff has necessary medical information in an emergency.

Is your school registered?

Over 6,000 public and Catholic schools across Canada are already enrolled in the No Child Without program, enabling thousands of children to access MedicAlert’s lifesaving service at no cost.

Find out if your school is registered

Why MedicAlert?

It is the only emergency medical ID service plan to provide:
24/7 Emergency Hotline with live agents 
Engraving with globally-accepted medical terminology
Emergency family notification service