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MedicAlert gives children a voice in emergencies

During a lunch break at school, Madi, who has juvenile arthritis, had an accident that caused her so much pain she couldn’t communicate her medical condition, nor her sulfa allergy, to paramedics. But thanks to the MedicAlert ID she was wearing, her vital medical information was readily available.

Trust MedicAlert to safeguard your child’s health

If your child has a medical condition, he or she may be eligible for a completely subsidized MedicAlert ID and service plan through our No Child Without program. It’s offered free of charge to children ages 4 to their 14th birthday. Should an emergency occur at school, or anywhere, emergency responders and health professionals will have immediate access to your child’s medical records and you’ll be notified.

How to enroll your child

The No Child Without program is offered through participating schools. Over 6,000 public and Catholic schools across Canada are already enrolled. Find out if your child’s school is registered.

  • If your child’s school is registered: Visit the enrollment page to obtain a set of bar code and PIN number or obtain a No Child Without brochure from the school. Each set of bar code and PIN numbers is unique and they are assigned to the registered school only. A separate set of bar code and PIN number is required for each child you plan to enroll in the program.
  • If your child’s school does not appear to be registered: contact the school and ask them to follow the registration process listed on the school page. Please note, the enrollment materials can only be distributed through registered schools. In the meantime, if your child’s condition requires immediate MedicAlert identification, or if your child is 14 or older, please call 1-877-282-5378 to find out about our other charitable programs.

Enroll online

To enroll your child online, please ensure you have a set of bar code and PIN number ready.

After you complete the enrollment process, your MedicAlert protection ($60 annual value service plan) begins immediately. Your child will receive their free MedicAlert ID ($39 value), shipped by Canada Post directly to your home, in two to three weeks.

For more information:

Call centre hours: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. EST

Toll-free: 1-877-282-5378

Toronto: 416-696-0142


MedicAlert is the only emergency medical ID service plan to provide:
24/7 Emergency Hotline with calls answered by a live agent
Engraving with globally-accepted medical terminology
Emergency family notification service

Help make MedicAlert available to more kids

No Child Without is a charitable program that relies on the generous support of MedicAlert subscribers, parents and other donors for funding. Please help.