No CPR British Columbia

MedicAlert® Service Plan & No CPR Bracelet

The No Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (No CPR) program is a cooperative effort between MedicAlert® Foundation Canada, Emergency and Health Services Commission - British Columbia Ambulance Service, Ministry of Health Services, and British Columbia Medical Association.

Program Description

In British Columbia, (as in other jurisdictions) No CPR orders may be written on a prescribed BC Ambulance Service form by a physician for patients who:

  1. have been diagnosed as having a life limiting illness or are considered to be at the natural end of their life, and
  2. have decided that, in the event of a respiratory and/or cardiac arrest, no cardio-pulmonary resuscitation is to be undertaken.

The British Columbia Ambulance Service No CPR form has been developed in cooperation with the British Columbia Medical Association (BCMA). Past experience has shown that a person’s signed No CPR form cannot always be readily located in an emergency situation.

To ensure a means of ready verification that a No CPR order is in place, the BC Ambulance Service and the BCMA agreed several years ago to extend the No CPR protocol by adding a bracelet component.  This means that any person for whom a No CPR form has been completed will be able to obtain a No CPR bracelet from the MedicAlert Foundation Canada (MedicAlert®).  A Vancouver philanthropist has kindly agreed to cover the cost of No CPR bracelets for those individuals who are unable to pay for it themselves.

The BC Ambulance Service and the BCMA have agreed to recognize the MedicAlert® No CPR bracelet to ensure that, whenever possible, an individual’s decisions regarding No CPR are respected.


Only British Columbians who have a physician-signed No CPR form are eligible to participate in the MedicAlert No CPR program. This form is available through the following link:

No CPR Program at MedicAlert: Registration Benefits

MedicAlert has served the needs of one million subscribers of all ages. As a MedicAlert subscriber, you are entitled to:

  1. A MedicAlert bracelet custom-engraved with No CPR, your name and other critical medical and personal information.
  2. Immediate access by first responders and other health professionals to the 24-hour Emergency Hotline, which can provide details from the patient’s personal MedicAlert health record.
  3. A MedicAlert wallet card, which lists emergency contacts and other critical information.
  4. A comprehensive electronic MedicAlert health record on a secure and confidential database with unlimited free updates.

Please note that the additional benefit of registering with MedicAlert is that patients can list their medical conditions, medications, allergies or medical devices, so that if they ever find themselves in a situation where they are not able to communicate, MedicAlert can provide this information to health care professionals on their behalf.

No Cardiopulmonary
Resuscitation Form
(PDF - 602 KB)

Registration Form
(PDF - 143 KB)

How to Register

Patients can complete the MedicAlert Registration form and mail, together with a copy of their signed No CPR form, to:

MedicAlert Foundation Canada
Morneau Shepell Centre II
895 Don Mills Road, Suite 600
Toronto, ON M3C 1W3

For patients already registered with MedicAlert

For patients who are already MedicAlert subscribers, their new No CPR bracelet will replace their old bracelet, and will continue to list their critical medical facts.

After registration

For security, the MedicAlert® bracelet will be sent to the physician who signed their No CPR form. The physician will then arrange with the patient to place the bracelet on his/her wrist. The physician should receive the bracelet within approximately 10 days of the No CPR order form being received by MedicAlert.

If patients change their mind

If patients change their wishes about No Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation matter, they are asked to inform their doctor and/or community nurse; tear up the physician-signed No CPR form, stop wearing their MedicAlert No CPR bracelet and inform MedicAlert of the update as soon as possible.

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