Program Description

The MedicAlert® Foundation Canada is a charitable organization and the leading provider of emergency medical information services linked to customized medical bracelets and necklets.

The StudentsFIRST program ensures children and teenagers across Canada, with medical conditions, allergies or special needs are protected by MedicAlert.

With the rise in childhood asthma, diabetes and allergies, it is estimated that one in five children has a medical condition, allergy or special need that should be communicated in an emergency situation. The StudentsFIRST program has been created to provide students ages 4-18 with the 24-hour protection of the MedicAlert emergency medical information service.

Throughout the day your child or teenager will interact with many children and may be under the care and supervision of several different adults. This could be during recess, at lunch, in the classroom or even after school at a friend's house or at a summer camp. Parents want to ensure their child or teenager is safe and protected at all times, especially if they have a medical condition.

A MedicAlert StudentsFIRST membership includes:

  • A comprehensive electronic medical profile with unlimited updates
  • A 24-hour Emergency Hotline staffed with medically trained specialists available in 140+ languages - ready to speak for you
  • Family/emergency contact notification immediately after the hotline is called
  • Follow-up with you after the Emergency Hotline is contacted
  • A wallet card with your emergency contacts and health information
  • Access to your electronic medical profile anytime, anywhere
  • Exclusive members-only information (e.g. Member newsletters, health news and tips)

The regular cost of a MedicAlert membership is $5 per month. The StudentsFIRST cost is $4 per month. This amounts to a savings of 20% off the cost of a regular membership.

Four payment plans are available:

Payment Options StudentsFIRST Price You Save
Monthly $4 per month 20%
12 Months $48 20%
24 Months $88 20%
36 Months $120 20%

Note: IDs sold seperately. More than 100 ID styles.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the StudentsFIRST program or require more information contact MedicAlert at 1-866-734-9423.

For more information, call toll-free 1-866-734-9423 or contact us