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Courtnay assumed that MedicAlert was for other conditions, not her son’s autism.

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Have you ever struggled to find a solution to a challenge, only to find it was under your nose all that time?
Well, that describes how Courtnay learned that MedicAlert ID service could support her son, Gavyn.
“I’m in the EMS system here in Winnipeg, Manitoba. [MedicAlert ID service] my mind was strictly for the diabetic, someone susceptible to anaphylaxis. It never crossed my mind that my son, someone with a tendency to wander, would need MedicAlert.
Gavyn, a bright, creative and curious nine-year-old, was diagnosed with autism four years ago. Like many parents, Courtnay and her husband initially struggled to find the right care and resources for their son.  
Courtnay and her family of four live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where MedicAlert has launched the unique MedicAlert Connect Protect service in March. MedicAlert Connect Protect is a one-of-a-kind service that gives emergency responders and healthcare providers quick and secure, 24/7 access to a MedicAlert subscriber’s electronic medical profile.
Since learning that MedicAlert Connect Protect was created to safeguard those living with autism and other cognitive conditions, the couple has made this lifesaving service a part of their son’s support system.

“For sure it gives me more peace of mind. Especially when he’s at school and you have to let him spread his wings and be independent.”
To Courtnay, there’s tremendous value in providing emergency responders and police with clarity on her son’s condition. “There’s the struggle of not knowing when he’s having an autistic meltdown versus when he’s just being a little boy. There’s a fine line.”
Like many Canadians living with autism, Gavyn is sensitive to sensory stimuli. 
Too much noise and movement can trigger a reaction.  Because he’s sensitive to texture too, Gavyn prefers the MedicAlert dog tag.
Aside from autism and occasional migraines, Gavyn is a healthy kid – and a very curious one, as well!
“He’s about the facts. He’ll never settle with a “because” from me. I’m either going on Google, or whatever, to find out an answer.”
“It’s fascinating just watching him, his little mind. He will have his idea, he’ll propose it to us, and we’ll tell him to go forward, and he’ll just create this unreal masterpiece made of Lego.”

Do you know any families coping with autism?  Visit to learn more about the MedicAlert Autism Program, created in partnership with Autism Canada, a leading advocate for those with autism and their families, to help keep you or your loved one safe in an emergency situation. A MedicAlert ID can be the difference between a tragedy and a happy ending.
We’re always gratified to hear that MedicAlert makes a difference, especially in the lives of children. Thanks, Courtnay, for sharing your family’s story!  Do you have a personal story that will inspire and inform others? Share your story at

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