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Saskatchewan becomes first in Canada to launch MedicAlert Connect Protect service province-wide

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Quick access to medical information helps officers bring loved ones safely home

In October, Saskatchewan became the first in Canada to enter into a province-wide partnership with MedicAlert to offer the Connect Protect service.
This unique service was first launched in 2015 and is now available in 13 regions (through regional police services) and the province of Saskatchewan. In Saskatchewan, the service is accessible via RCMP, 11 municipal police services and the Ministry of Environment which polices the national parks.
Through MedicAlert Connect Protect service, emergency responders and police have 24/7 direct access to a MedicAlert subscriber's recent photo and personal information including identity, physical descriptions, attributes, wandering history, behavior management strategies such as anxiety triggers, de-escalation techniques as well as caregiver information.
“Anyone who is related to, or cares for, a person who is vulnerable because of age, dementia, brain injury or other conditions, knows, first-hand, the critical importance of knowing where that person is at any given time,” says Chief Marlo Pritchard, Chief of the Weyburn Police Service and President of the Saskatchewan Association of Police Chiefs. “Having a vulnerable family member or friend go missing, even for a short period of time, is every caregiver’s nightmare. We are pleased to work in partnership with MedicAlert in this voluntary program to help vulnerable individuals live in safety.”
Engraved on every subscriber’s MedicAlert ID is a unique identification number; that number is the vital link emergency responders and police need to access a MedicAlert subscriber’s information. In situations where every second counts, this information provides police further insight when called to an incident involving a MedicAlert subscriber equipping them with vital information necessary to achieve positive outcomes and saves lives. Specifically those with these conditions – Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism, Brain Injury, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder, mental health and special needs.
“As a registered Canadian charity for more than 55 years, MedicAlert has played an important role in helping to protect Canadians and give families peace of mind in wandering or emergency situations,” says Robert Ridge, President of MedicAlert. “Our database is a vital link between the community and emergency responders when faster, informed action makes all the difference.”
At MedicAlert, our goal is to introduce this critical service in every community across Canada.  If MedicAlert Connect Protect is not yet in your community, please get in touch with your local police and ask them to contact us at
If you know someone who lives in Saskatchewan, or one of the other communities where MedicAlert Connect Protect service has been established and will benefit from the MedicAlert service, please recommend them to sign up today.

(L to R): Joanne Michael, Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan; Robert Ridge, President, MedicAlert Foundation Canada; June Draude, Autism Resource Centre, Catherine Horlock, Director, Customer Experience & Strategic Alliances, MedicAlert Foundation Canada; , Eryn Langdon, Regina Support Worker, FASD Network of Saskatchewan; Jennifer Tarr, Policy Analyst, Ministry of Justice Government of Saskatchewan
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