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Why MedicAlert?

MedicAlert Foundation Canada is a registered Canadian charity that has protected over 1 million people in Canada since 1961. It’s the only medical ID bracelet that supports individuals living in Canada with 24/7 notification of loved ones, and a special hotline for paramedics, police, and emergency responders to get access to a subscribers detailed medical profile.

Today, we are known across Canada for the distinctive medical IDs that bear our logo, but more than that, these custom engraved IDs are the gateway to a secure digital health record - the vital information first responders need to respond most effectively in a health emergency.

MedicAlert Workplace Safety Program

Give your employees MedicAlert protection so they always have a voice.

It’s uncomfortable to think that serious emergencies might happen at work; but they do, and the best partner to prevention is preparedness. So be prepared with MedicAlert. We’re excited to launch our workplace safety program – special pricing to help you bring MedicAlert to your teams.

MedicAlert enhances your existing workplace safety policies by adding a layer of preparedness at an individual level. By giving your employees MedicAlert protection, you will be providing them with:

Unique medical ID A unique medical ID that links to our secure database of health information so that first responders can get high quality health information about your colleague at their time of need
Doctor A network of first responder relationships and partnerships. We are the only service that First Responders are trained to look for in an emergency
Hotline 24/7 hotline service making access to that critical information available around the clock
Famiy Notification Loved-one notifications to ensure that if something should happen to your colleague, MedicAlert would handle update their family
Medical Record Protection that extends beyond the workplace walls – that critical medical record follows them where they go

We know you care about your employees. And in times like these, you need unique ways to show them that you have their back and to differentiate yourself as an employer. We would love to help you do that.

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