Woman holding MedicAlert's new plus card

Introducing +CARD!

Bring your MedicAlert paper wallet card into the 21st century with our
introductory offer on the new +CARD!
Just $19.99 for the first year.

That’s savings of 20% off the regular price of $24.99!*

Use coupon code PLUSCARD20 to save! 


+CARD is exactly what you've been waiting for!

As a MedicAlert subscriber or caregiver, you know the challenges that those with health conditions face when it comes to remembering, documenting, and repeating health information time after time.

While our time-tested paper wallet card helps, it’s not always current. And it certainly doesn't have all the details contained in your MedicAlert Health Record.

+CARD is the NEW and CONVENIENT way to access all your most current health information in real time!

+CARD gives you and those you trust instant and secure digital access to your health information, all through a PIN-protected QR code that can be scanned using the camera or scanning feature of any smartphone.**

The new +CARD is ONLY available to MedicAlert subscribers on our Loyalty and Standard Plans.*** Upgrade your subscription to get access to your +CARD today!

Caregiver checking card of elderly woman

So Many Practical Uses for +CARD!

  • Share one with your emergency contact
  • Carry it with you for appointments with your physician or specialist
  • Share health data with school or daycare
  • Update information at your local pharmacy
  • Give safe and secure access to a Personal Support Worker or in-home nursing attendant.
  • Use it to complete all kinds of forms that require current health information.
  • Get access anywhere in the world!

Use it any time you need to share all or some your health information.

Two hands passing plus card

Security Features

  • PIN Protection
  • SMS Authentication
  • Limited PIN attempts before access is locked (required 24 hours to reset or reactivate by MedicAlert Customer Service)
  • Change or update a PIN at any time online
  • Change or update a user at any time online
  • Read-only access
  • Secure, encrypted cloud-based storage of your health and personal information

Lost or stolen card? No worries, you can de-activate the card online at any time.

Sign-up for +CARD TODAY!

It's Quick & Easy!

  • Purchase your +CARD subscription online or by calling us at 1-800-668-1507.
  • Log into your MedicAlert Account where you will see your +CARD(s).
  • If you’ve purchased more than one +CARD, assign your cards to the individuals you choose (up to a maximum of 10, including yourself).
  • Only one PIN required no matter how many +CARDs you purchase!
  • Your +CARD(s) will arrive in the mail within 2-3 weeks.
  • Distribute any extra +CARD(s) to those you’ve entrusted with safe and secure access, and you’re all set!

* Cost of the +CARD will automatically be renewed at the regular price of $24.99 after the first year.
** +CARD gives you and those you trust instant, secure digital access to your health information all through a PIN-protected QR code that can be scanned using the camera or scanning feature of any smartphone.
*** The NEW +CARD is ONLY available to MedicAlert subscribers on our Loyalty and Standard Plans. Lifetime, Advantage  and lapsed subscribers must update their service plan to take advantage of the NEW +CARD.

In purchasing the +CARD and assigning Designated Persons, Subscribers are providing their consent to MedicAlert to share their Personal Information with the Designated Persons. Designated Persons have access to all Personal Information stored with MedicAlert. In purchasing you are providing consent for Designated Persons to have access to Personal Information.
The +CARD is NOT intended for use in emergency situations.
For detailed Terms and Conditions, click here.