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For more than 60 years, we've been a trusted source of health information, providing peace of mind to our subscribers and their loved ones. This month only, save up to $100 on IDs and accessories.


Happy International Women's Day!

At MedicAlert, we champion women's health access and safety as an organization, not just on International Women's Day, but every day. 

Our mission is clear: to be your voice in critical moments when you can't speak. We do this by embracing diversity and championing equality regardless of how a person identifies.

Join us as we #InspireInclusion, by giving to our Inclusion, Diversity, Equity in Action (IDEA) Program, which promotes access to MedicAlert among marginalized and underserved populations.


LOVE is a big word

Our MedicAlert IDs are the promise of safety for those we cherish most. This Valentine’s season, honor the enduring connections of family, friends, and self with a gift that transcends the ordinary. Embrace love in all its forms.

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Introducing HealthNavigator

Healthcare systems can be complicated. MedicAlert’s HealthNavigator helps fill in the gaps by supporting you through your journey. Whether you are a patient, the caregiver for an elderly parent, spouse, child or other family member, MedicAlert is there to assist you during your journey. 


MedicAlert is so much more than an ID.

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First responders look for a MedicAlert ID at pulse points around your neck or wrist. Every year, we train thousands of first responders on our Look - Read - Call protocol.

Access to your medical information enables emergency responders to treat you efficiently.


Custom engraving on your ID alerts our first response partners to your conditions, illnesses, allergies, medications, or devices. Your unique subscriber number ensures that first responders have access to your full Personal Health Record when needed.

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The MedicAlert Emergency Response Line staffed by our team gives 24/7 access to your in-depth health information when first responders need it. And if your community has our Connect Protect Program, then local 911 dispatch operators ensure that their teammates get your health information and can provide fast, fully-informed assistance to give you better care outcomes.

We are currently experiencing higher than normal call volumes. For faster self-service for things like updating your address or phone number, making changes to your health information or purchasing a new ID, please login to your MedicAlert Account.

MedicAlert Foundation Canada will be closed on December 22, 2023, for our annual Staff Appreciation Day. It’s our way of saying thanks to our amazing team who work hard every day to keep Canadians safe! 

Holiday Shipping Deadlines

According to Canada Post estimates, orders placed after November 27th  (with medical information) will not likely arrive before December 25th. Orders placed by Xpress Post will likely arrive by December 25th if the order is completed by December 4th.

They are back

They’re back!

Save up to 35% on 2 and 3 Year Subscription Plans*

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Looking for something new? 

We’re launching something special next week — just in time for the holidays.  

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Introducing the Designer Collection 

Peace of mind has never looked better

Safe & Found

They are the wanderers. They have been found in parks, in the woods, in shopping centres, in fields, near train tracks, even thousands of miles from home. They have been found in hospital waiting rooms or trying to enter homes they lived in as children. They have been found confused, dehydrated, hypothermic, bruised, scraped, cut…

and sometimes even the unthinkable can happen. 

Are you a caregiver to someone living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia? Learn how MedicAlert can help bring your loved one home safe and unharmed with our Safe & Found Program.

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holding +Card

Introducing +CARD!

MedicAlert is so much more than a bracelet!

Members enjoy the benefit of having all of their personal health information in one place. Not only does MedicAlert provide ease of access to health information in times of a health crisis, but it also means this information is accessible at other times, too! No more digging up information from different places when you have to fill out medical documentation, talk to a new doctor, or fill out field trip forms for school! 

+CARD is a simple, secure and easy way to access your health information when ever you need it.

Are you an Ontario Elementary School Teacher?

Introducing S.A.F.E., a free online resource that integrates health literacy as part of the healthy living expectations for Grades 1-6. Developed in concert with the Ontario Physical and Health Education Association (Ophea), the S.A.F.E. Curriculum supports student learning connected to The 2019 Ontario Health and Physical Education curriculum for Grades 1-8. 

Child sitting on couch using asthma inhaler

A small tag with a big impact

PetID Homepage1

The PetTag is designed to be worn by service animals and other pets as an additional pointer to your MedicAlert ID.

Designed to be attached to a pet collar or harness. The PetTag is engraved with the phrase 'My owner wears a MedicAlert ID' and customized with your MedicAlert Member Number. Now you have an extra layer of support when your assistance animal alerts someone that you are in need. First Responders will know to look for more information when they reach you.

For just $49.99, this simple accessory can make a significant difference when minutes matter most. 

It's the season of giving.  Our goal is to help 5,000 people who need us the most. Will you lend a hand? Donate now!

It’s the Season of Giving.

Our goal is to help 5,000 people who need us the most. Will you lend a hand?

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