Health Navigator Platform Terms and Conditions of Service for MedicAlert Subscribers

Effective date: January 15, 2024


The Canadian Medic-Alert Foundation Incorporated d.b.a MedicAlert Foundation Canada (“MedicAlert”, “us”, “we”, “our”), is a registered Canadian charity that has protected more than a million people in Canada since 1961. MedicAlert is offering the Health Navigator Platform (Heath Navigator), a third-party digital health service subscription for subscribers to access customizable health information and support. The Health Navigator will be accessible to subscribers, their caregivers, friends or family.

These Terms of Service are a legal agreement between you and MedicAlert that governs access to and use of Health Navigator through MedicAlert.

It is important that you read and understand these Terms of Service because you will indicate your acceptance of these Terms of Service when enrolling in Health Navigator.

By purchasing and/or using the Health Navigator from MedicAlert you agree to the following Terms and Conditions (the “Terms of Service”).


Health Navigator” means a third-party digital health service subscription provided by Health Care Services International Inc., carrying on business as Novus Health, (“HCSI”) which gives subscribers access to customizable health information and support.

Health Navigator Subscription” means the add-on to a Subscriber’s regular subscription with MedicAlert for use of the Health Navigator and the requisite fee;

Password” means the code made up of a combination of digits, alphabets and special characters that you select after purchasing your Heath Navigator Subscription. This Password, in conjunction with the Login Information is used to access Health Navigator;

Designated Person” means any individual who the Subscriber elects to give a Password, and/or Login Information to, but who is not the Subscriber whose account and information are linked to the Health Navigator;

Personal Information” means any information that identifies or can be used to identify an individual directly or indirectly. Examples of Personal Information include, but are not limited to, first and last name, date of birth, email address, gender, occupation, or other demographic information. Personal Information does not include de-identified, anonymous, or aggregate information that cannot reasonably be associated with a specific individual. Personal Information includes medical information. For more information on MedicAlert’s Personal Information practices please see our Privacy Policy (;

Profile” means the online profile populated by MedicAlert when you registered for MedicAlert services that is updated and kept accurate by you. It contains complete Subscriber information including contact details, Personal Information, and other relevant information that may be provided for use particularly during health, personal safety, or emergency events;

Subscriber” means the user of MedicAlert services who, or for whom, the Health Navigator subscription has been purchased. For clarity, the Subscriber is the individual to whom the Health Navigator services shall apply. For the purposes of these Terms, a Subscriber is also referred to as “you” or “your” as applicable;


Use of Health Navigator is governed by MedicAlert’s Subscriber Agreement ( You understand and agree that all of the terms and conditions of your subscriber agreement, as appliable, form part of these Terms of Service.

By purchasing the Health Navigator, you agree that,

  1. You acknowledge and understand that the Heath Navigator Service is provided by a third-party provider, HCSI.
  2. You acknowledge and understand that use of the Health Navigator is governed by HCSI Platform’s Terms and Conditions and you undertake to review those conditions before accessing Health Navigator.
  3. If you do not agree to HCSI Platform’s Terms and Conditions or the terms within this document you will not access Health Navigator.


  1. The personal information you have submitted and will continue to submit is your own.
  2. You must keep your Personal Information up to date and accurate. If at any time the Personal Information is not up to date or accurate, you must inform any Designated Persons of this.
  3. You consent to the collection, use and sharing of your personal information from time to time as provided in MedicAlert’s Privacy Policy. MedicAlert’s Privacy Policy is available at This policy may be amended, replaced or supplemented from time to time.
  4. MedicAlert may share with and receive from HCSI such information as may reasonably necessary to determine your enrollment in and use of Health Navigator and any Health Navigator features you may select (for example, name, email, MedicAlert id).
  5. HCSI may use this information in an aggregated or anonymized form for purpose of understanding performance and improving performance of Health Navigator.


  1. If you would like to make changes to your Health Navigator, you must follow the procedures adopted by HCSI and any instructions provided by MedicAlert, and any additional procedures HCSI or MedicAlert adopt.
  2. Your initial Health Navigator subscription term is one year starting from the date of purchase. You must renew your subscription at the end of the term to continue accessing Health Navigator.
  3. You may cancel your Health Navigator subscription within three (3) days of activating the service. Health Navigator can be cancelled on your Profile or by contacting MedicAlert’s customer service and we will impose a $10 cancellation fee and you will be reimbursed pro rata for the unused portion of your Health Navigator Subscription. Your cancellation will be processed within three (3) business days. Note that after the three (3) day cancellation period your Health Navigator subscription shall continue for the period of your subscription and you will not be eligible for a refund. If you cancel your Health Navigator subscription, your regular MedicAlert subscription shall continue, unless specifically cancelled via your Profile or by contacting MedicAlert customer service. If you cancel your MedicAlert subscription, your Health Navigator subscription shall automatically continue, unless specifically cancelled via your Profile or by contacting MedicAlert customer service. For Subscribers resident in Quebec, such cancellation will take effect by operation of the law on the sending of the notice, or on the date specified in the notice. You will be reimbursed pro rata for the unused portion of your Health Navigator Subscription. For Subscribers in other provinces, your cancellation will take effect immediately; however, you are not entitled to a refund, except within the three (3) day cancellation window.
  4. Upon cancellation, suspension, or termination due to non-payment or notification of death, of your MedicAlert subscription or your Health Navigator subscription, MedicAlert shall disable the Health Navigator which will no longer be active and available for use within three (3) business days.


  1. You must select a unique Password for Health Navigator. You should select a Password that cannot be easily guessed and must not select Passwords containing any part of your name, date of birth, telephone number, address, or social insurance number.
  2. You are responsible for the care of your Password and any Login Information. This includes keeping Password and Login Information confidential and maintaining proper safeguarding and security requirements.  
  3. You must inform any Designated Person of the requirements for proper care, safeguarding, storage, and security for the Health Navigator Password and Login Information and you acknowledge that you may be liable for any damage to or misuse of your Password and/or Login Information, if you do not properly undertake the actions described in Sections 13 to 14.
  4. You must immediately inform MedicAlert of any actual or suspected damage, loss, theft, or unauthorized use of your Health Navigator, Password, or Login Information via your Profile or by contacting MedicAlert customer service. If the latter is not available, for example if it is outside of regular business hours, you must disable your Health Navigator on your Profile. MedicAlert is not liable to you due to any delay in reporting any actual or suspected damage, loss, theft, or unauthorized use. MedicAlert shall take whatever steps it deems necessary to recover Health Navigator, Passwords, or Login Information and to try to ensure there is no unauthorized access to your Personal Information. You agree that you shall cooperate with or assist MedicAlert where necessary.


  1. Health Navigator is provided by HCSI and MedicAlert is not responsible for its use and function. You acknowledge that MedicAlert makes no representations, warranties or conditions relating to Health Navigator of any kind, in particular (a) MedicAlert does not warrant the operability or functionality of Health Navigator; (b) MedicAlert does not warrant that Health Navigator will meet your requirements or that the operation of Health Navigator will be error free. MedicAlert will have no liability whatsoever in relation to Health Navigator, including without limitation in relation to the sale, distribution or use of Health Navigator or the performance or non-performance of Health Navigator, or any loss, injury or inconvenience you suffer.
  2. These Terms contain all of the understandings and representations between you and MedicAlert relating to your use of the Health Navigator and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous understandings, representations, terms and conditions, discussions and warranties, both written and oral, with respect to your use of the Heath Navigator; provided, however, these Terms and Conditions shall not supersede any Subscriber Agreement between you and MedicAlert.


  1. You acknowledge that MedicAlert may update and revise these Terms from time to time.


  1. If you have any questions about these Terms of Service, please contact MedicAlert’s Customer Service Team at .
  2. If you have any questions, disputes or complaints about Health Navigator, you should contact the respective provider.