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July 2022  

It’s been a busy spring with outreach to more than 40 services across the country inviting them to join the Connect Protect First Responder Program. Lots of emails and several meetings later, we’re pleased to welcome Chief Kevin Zettel and the officers and civilians from the Saugeen Shores Police Service on Lake Huron in Ontario. Saugeen Shores PS’s primary reason for joining Connect Protect was to ensure the safety of their residents. There is a large seniors population in the area as well as a significant tourist and cottager population during the summer months. Chief Zettel notes that having direct access to any health information, particularly wandering and de-escalation details, will be a valuable additional tool for officers.
We also anticipate signatures on our Connect Protect Agreement from a police service whose jurisdiction looks a bit different than other services in the Connect Protect program. VIA Rail Police Service, led by Peter Lambrinakos, Chief of Police and Corporate Security, are in the final stages of contract review. VIA Rail started its Police Service in 2017 with the primary mandate of ensuring the security of passengers, employees and communities served across the country, as well as the protection of properties and assets of its railway operations. Lucy Tremblay, Deputy Chief at Via Rail Police Service, has spearheaded the partnership conversation on behalf of her team and has been a true MedicAlert champion!