Health research for the broadest impact


At the core of any research undertaking is data. We have more than 60 years’ worth of it.

With 60+ years of data across a broad spectrum of health conditions, MedicAlert is uniquely positioned to contribute to the growing body of Canadian-specific knowledge in health systems, health economics, and public health research. It is one of the primary reasons MedicAlert launched its research division in 2021.

Working with our academic partners from across the country, we are able to see patterns and changes in health data. This means that we can better understand the factors that determine population health, and in turn propose interventions and health policies based on scientific knowledge and evidence.

It also means that we can understand how people get access to health care services, how much care costs, and what happens to patients because of this care.

Currently, MedicAlert is collaborating with the following Canadian universities:


McMaster Health Forum

The McMaster Health Forum’s goal is to generate action on the pressing health-system issues of our time, based on the best available research evidence and systematically elicited citizen values and stakeholder insights.

MedicAlert is one of the Forum's partners, helping to support evidence-informed decision-making about health systems.


The Economic Impact, Social, and Public Value of MedicAlert Foundation Canada

Funded by MITACS


Managing Risks of Going Missing Among Persons Living with Dementia by Building Capacities of SAR Personnel, First Responders, and Communities

Funded by 
Search and Rescue New Initiatives Fund
Public Safety Canada