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Annual Report

There is no question that the challenge for charities continued in 2022. Yet coming out of COVID-19 pushed us to think differently. 

Like our partners and friends across the health charity sector navigating the pandemic, MedicAlert faced its greatest financial challenge in our 62-year history. Yet, with challenge comes opportunity to transform and to invest in the future. We spoke to people across Canada and heard how they were feeling and what was contributing to their sense of need across the health continuum. We probed our first responder partners to understand more about the kinds of tools they wanted to keep people protected. We challenged governments to work with us to strengthen the fabric of the Canadian health care system, so we can continue to ensure that people living with health conditions are protected in their most vulnerable moments. The results will be seen and felt now and in the coming years. 

Our work is centred on keeping people protected, but we don’t do it alone. The support and generosity of our volunteers, donors, partners, staff, and supporters helps us advance our mission by investing in critical programs, health system research, and transformative advocacy work that give our subscribers a voice when they need it most.

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MedicAlert Annual Report 2022

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Charities are legally required to file a Registered Charity Information Return, also known as a T3010, to the Canada Revenue Agency. This document discloses financial information about MedicAlert’s programs, fundraising activities, and executive compensation. You can read our most recent T3010 here by searching Canadian Medic-Alert Foundation Inc.