Introducing HealthNavigator*

Healthcare systems can be complicated. MedicAlert’s HealthNavigator helps fill in the gaps by supporting you through your journey. Whether you are a patient, the caregiver for an elderly parent, spouse, child or other family member, MedicAlert is there to assist you during your journey. 

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What is health system navigation?

Health navigators help people get from place to place in a healthcare system that can often be difficult to understand. And in Canada, no two health systems are exactly alike!

And while our health navigators’ role is not to physically help people to get from point A to point B, their job is to help individuals navigate the twists and turns involved in managing a diagnosis – something many people learn isn’t as straightforward as it should be. 

Access to care, resources information and more can often be convoluted or lead to dead ends. When patients have trouble moving through the healthcare system, they sometimes give up, go without, or can even inadvertently be led astray. Any one of these scenarios can ultimately hinder a person’s ability to receive treatment or the care they need.

What do I get with a HealthNavigator subscription?

When you purchase a HealthNavigator one-year subscription for only $49.99, you’ll get unlimited access to Health Information Specialists by phone from 8:00am-8:00pm ET, Monday to Friday to assist you with health inquiries.

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HealthNavigator includes the following and so much more!

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Find physicians, specialists, and diagnostic testing near you and/or sooner than an existing appointment
test results icon
Help in understanding what your latest test results mean
questions for physician icon
Help to develop a list of questions for your first visit to a specialist
mental health issues icon
Assistance in finding mental health professionals accepting patients in your region
provide information icon
Support for individuals and caregivers to help manage a health condition, understand treatments, or identify resources specific to your location
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Health coaching services to keep you on track

Our licenced healthcare professionals are just a phone call away.

Health Information Specialists also provide personalized health information in the form of Health Information Packages, sent to MedicAlert members via email. These resources may include additional information such as:

  • directions to clinics and specialists relevant to your geographic area and health needs
  • information on medical conditions, medications and other treatments
  • information on provincial government health resources
  • information on community support organizations

Coupled with HealthHub, which is FREE to all MedicAlert subscribers, HealthNavigator ensures you have Canada’s most powerful health navigation service available.

What are you waiting for?

* DISCLAIMERInformation provided as part of the HealthNavigator service is for informational and educational purposes only and is not designed or intended to constitute medical advice, or to be used for diagnosis. Due to unique individual needs and medical history, please consult your own primary care provider or specialist, who will be able to determine the appropriateness of information for your specific situation and can assist you in making decisions regarding treatment and medication.

HealthNavigator is a service provided by Novus Health for MedicAlert subscribers. Any activity, including signing up and use of HealthNavigator on the third-party website, shall be governed by Novus Health’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.