Beauty meets peace of mind.

Our first-ever designer collection lets you step into the world with confidence. 

Custom-designed, limited-edition works of art you’ll want to show off.  

Your style. Your safety. 

At MedicAlert, we’ve been helping keep you and your loved ones safe for more than three generations—it's about time your MedicAlert ID got an upgrade. With your comfort and personal esthetic in mind, we’ve partnered with four Canadian designers as unique as you are to create MedicAlert’s first-ever, limited-edition designer collection that merges beauty with peace of mind. It’s safety so stunning you’ll want to take it everywhere.

All net proceeds support MedicAlert's programs and services.  

artisan made


Each of the unique designs was created by a Canadian artist with a personal connection to our cause. 


Style and Safety 

Dress it up or dress it down—these beautiful pieces marry the art of the esthetic with the practicality and safety of MedicAlert. 



Each bracelet is made in Canada from ethically-sourced materials like copper, sterling silver, 14k gold, and hand-tanned leather.   


Exceptional Quality  

Hand-cast, hand-cut, hand-made... each piece is a reflection of the quality and care each designer puts into every piece and we put into keeping you safe. 

Meet the Designers

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Corrine Anestopoulos-1

Corrine Anestopoulos

Toronto-based jewelry designer Corrine Anestopoulos is inspired by wearable art and a close relationship to the medical community. Her pieces paint a beautiful picture of support and resilience. 

Mathew Nuqingaq-1

Mathew Nuqingaq

Order of Canada recipient Mathew Nuqingaq transforms storytelling through design capturing the beautiful legend of Kiviuq, the eternal Inuit wanderer who circumnavigates the earth in his qayaq.


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Wes Havill-1

Wes Havill

Artist, woodworker, antler carver, and blacksmith Wes Havill, Ojibway, Eagle Clan originally from Batchewana First Nation, near Sault Ste. Marie brings the healing power of copper to the MedicAlert community.  

Claude Abittan

Claude Abittan

Toronto-based designer Claude Abittan wants you to wear your MedicAlert ID with pride. His designs are a mix of his Moroccan heritage and European esthetic with the love of his adopted county of Canada.  

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Yvonne 1

Yvonne Duivenvoorden

Yvonne bought her first camera, a Pentax Program Plus, in 1985 after graduating from Bathurst High School in northeastern New Brunswick. So significant was the purchase that it required a loan—from the local Save Easy food store where Yvonne was employed at the time. Diligently she repaid her debt over the next several pay cheques and to this day remains grateful that her employer saw potential in her budding enthusiasm for photography. Since those fledgling days Yvonne has created several thousand images for numerous national magazines, advertising campaigns and cookbooks. Now she brings her exceptional eye for detail to the MedicAlert Limited Edition Designer Collection.

As for the Pentax, it was replaced long ago but Yvonne’s passion for imagery remains as strong as ever.