Working for Change

MedicAlert works with all three levels of government to bring about change to our health care and emergency response systems, to ensure people are safe when they are at their most vulnerable.

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Advocating for People Who Cannot Speak for Themselves in a Health Emergency

Every day in every community across Canada, people experience health emergencies when minutes—or even seconds—count. Paramedics, emergency room teams, police officers, firefighters, and others are there to help. But they need accurate, up-to-date information to understand the issues these individuals face and respond accordingly.

As our health systems become increasingly complex and fragmented, there’s advocacy that needs to happen now. That’s why MedicAlert is working together with government to ensure the safety of people living in Canada in their most vulnerable moments. 

Developing a National Vulnerable Persons Registry

Improving First Responders Access to Health Data

Helping Children with Health Conditions Thrive