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The Benefit of Health System Navigation for People Living with Health Conditions and New Diagnoses 

Thursday, February 15, 2024 at 2:00pm

Provincial health systems have long wait times and convoluted pathways to care. People who live with chronic illnesses face physical, emotional, and social stresses all while trying to navigate unfamiliar territory in the healthcare system.  

Health Navigation is a strategy that can help people facing complex care needs and barriers to care to find access needed supports in the health care system.  

Health Navigation was first introduced more than 20 years ago in Nova Scotia to support Cancer patients in their health journey. Today provincial health systems offer navigation services, however, they are often limited in scope focused typically on specific illnesses or specific populations. 

MedicAlert’s research shows that most Canadians with chronic health conditions have never used a health navigator even though they say such a service would be beneficial to help them: 

  • figure out the right questions to ask a specialist when newly diagnosed 
  • access community-based services and supports they didn’t know were available 
  • help explain test results and what they mean 
  • find a doctor 
  • …and more 

In January, MedicAlert launched HealthNavigator in partnership with Novus Health a leader in Canadian health navigation for nearly two decades. 

Join MedicAlert President and CEO Leslie McGill for Health Hour Live as she explores the many benefits of health system navigation with Novus President and CEO Jamie Marcellus. 

Your Host:

Leslie McGill
President & CEO

Leslie McGill

A MedicAlert subscriber for nearly 40 years, Leslie became President & CEO in May 2020 with a focus to protect more Canadians, increase MedicAlert’s charitable impact, and build on a solid foundation of partnerships with Canada’s first responder community.   

A passionate health care champion, Leslie has spent more than 30 years in the health sector primarily focused on advocacy, fundraising and innovation – a mix of experience that ensures MedicAlert continues to evolve to meet the needs of its subscribers while remaining true to its core mission.   

She has also held senior executive positions within an Ontario Crown Corporation, one of the world’s best-known public relations firms, and two of Canada’s globally-recognized academic health sciences centres. 

A journalist by training, Leslie holds a Master of Journalism from Western University (UWO) and is the recipient of several awards for her work in the field of advertising and marketing.

Our Guest:

Jamie Marcellus
President and CEO
Novus Health

Headshot Large Jamie Marcellus 

As CEO of Novus Health/Novus Santé  Jamie brings more than 20 years of progressive management experience in both public and private health care systems and services. Prior to Novus Health, Jamie held senior leadership positions in Canadian and US healthcare organizations including as Chief Revenue Officer of HealthFleet, a digital health engagement platform, and as President of HumanaCare, an employee health services company that was acquired by CloudMD in 2021.

A Registered Nurse by training, Jamie has been a leader in the business of health care focused on delivering improved outcomes and exceptional customer experience.

Jamie holds a BScN from Ryerson University (now Toronto Metropolitan University) and an MBA from Lansbridge University (now the University of Fredericton). 



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