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A long-time subscriber explains why MedicAlert is with her every step of the way while she’s traveling abroad.

Most of our subscribers may not need the protection MedicAlert offers beyond the communities in which they live and work. But what if you travel within Canada, to the U.S. or overseas? [...]

MedicAlert pilot program in B.C. supports children living with mental health challenges

Last month, in partnership with the BC Children’s Hospital and FamilySmart, MedicAlert launched a pilot initiative giving children and youth living with psychiatric challenges the opportunity to enroll with MedicAlert.[...]

Find the right health tools that fit your specific needs with the Tool Library.

It’s extremely important to keep tabs on your health care, especially in between doctor or specialist’s visits. To support you along your health care journey and to manage your health conditions, we have created and shared a number of self care tools in the Tool Library of your MedicAlert Storylines app.[...]

Living with numerous allergies, Kelly continues to trust MedicAlert with her life.

Kelly is the definition of a creative person. The 40-year-old Torontonian is an artist, storyteller, stand-up comedian, writer, blogger and documentary producer. Like most artistic people, she’s instinctively drawn to the new and innovative. But when it comes to her medical ID service, Kelly puts her trust in the tried-and-true: MedicAlert.[...]

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