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The Health Information Challenge

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Did you know that 60% of Canadians seek some sort of health information online each year?

Among MedicAlert Members, that number is even higher—up to 99%, according to a recent user survey.

In the same survey, 67% of MedicAlert Members said they spent up to 5 hours a month looking online for answers to their healthcare questions, with many people using more than 5 online sources at any given time.

If you’ve ever searched for health information online, you’ve probably run into issues like:

  • Too many resources to choose from
  • Difficulty determining whether a resource is reliable
  • Conflicting, inaccurate information
  • Resources relying on outdated research

All these factors can make searching for health information online frustrating, especially when you’re dealing with a potentially urgent health concern.

Introducing MedicAlert’s HealthHub! Reliable, vetted, accurate health information at your fingertips.

We developed HealthHub as an innovative solution to enhance today’s health care environment. It's all the information you will ever need in one, easy-to-use place! With HealthHub, we’re empowering you to manage your own health by helping you access reputable health information quickly and easily.

HealthHub is an incredibly valuable service, and it’s FREE with your MedicAlert subscription.

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HealthHub includes:

educational article
Educational articles

Physician, clinic, and lab search tools

Provincial health resources

Provincial health resources

Screening guides
health risk
Comprehensive Health Risk Assessments with tailored results and Action Plans
mental health

Mental Health Assessment with tailored resources


Medications, Condition, and Natural Products databases

topic hubs
Topic hubs for common medical conditions that compile all information relating to the condition


All content in HealthHub is vetted and reviewed by our trusted in-house team—including physicians, Registered Nurses, specialists, and other healthcare professionals—to ensure accuracy.

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