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Alex lives with life-altering symptoms of a brain injury.

At 34 years old, Alex looks like a healthy young person. Even when he walks with a cane, he could easily be mistaken as someone with a sports injury.  But Alex lives with a brain injury as a result of an accident nearly seven years ago. At that time, he was living and teaching in Thailand. One day, while riding a bike along the side of the road, he was hit by a truck.[...]

Service gives police quick and secure access to a registered MedicAlert subscriber’s information

Last month, Calgary became the latest city to partner with MedicAlert to offer the MedicAlert Connect Protect service.
Through MedicAlert Connect Protect, emergency responders in Calgary now have direct 24-hour access to a registered MedicAlert subscriber’s identity, photo, address, emergency contact and other vital medical information.[...]

Start the New Year off right with the Health Routine Builder.

Start your 2019 off right with healthier habits. From getting more exercise to eating more wholesome foods, the Health Routine Builder enables you to create, customize, and keep track of your 2019 goals so you can be your best self this new year.[...]

An athlete’s trust in MedicAlert grows when she discovers it’s a medical go-to for emergency responders.

Angelica was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on her 21st birthday. It was a blow for the young athlete – and a surprise. She remembered thinking that no one in her family was known to have diabetes. Why her?[...]

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