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Your MedicAlert Emergency Checklist

You can never be too prepared for a personal medical emergency. To help keep you or a loved one safe and sound, keep this checklist handy and review it on a regular basis.[...]

Take control of your Vitals using the ‘Daily Vitals’ feature in the My MedicAlert app.

One way to feel more in control of your condition is to track your "vitals" which are measurements of body function. Your vitals can help both you and your doctor better understand your health status and detect any current issues or potential future problems.[...]

Alex lives with life-altering symptoms of a brain injury.

At 34 years old, Alex looks like a healthy young person. Even when he walks with a cane, he could easily be mistaken as someone with a sports injury.  But Alex lives with a brain injury as a result of an accident nearly seven years ago. At that time, he was living and teaching in Thailand. One day, while riding a bike along the side of the road, he was hit by a truck.[...]

Service gives police quick and secure access to a registered MedicAlert subscriber’s information

Last month, Calgary became the latest city to partner with MedicAlert to offer the MedicAlert Connect Protect service.
Through MedicAlert Connect Protect, emergency responders in Calgary now have direct 24-hour access to a registered MedicAlert subscriber’s identity, photo, address, emergency contact and other vital medical information.[...]

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