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An athlete’s trust in MedicAlert grows when she discovers it’s a medical go-to for emergency responders.

Angelica was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on her 21st birthday. It was a blow for the young athlete – and a surprise. She remembered thinking that no one in her family was known to have diabetes. Why her?[...]

Get up, get moving, and exercise your way to a healthier mind

Most of us will experience changes to our cognitive function – things like memory, attention, awareness, reasoning, and judgement – as we age. Cognitive changes can affect our everyday lives, even in the absence of diseases like dementia. For example, older adults with impaired cognitive function are more likely to: fall; and struggle to take care of themselves, communicate effectively with their health care providers, and take medications as prescribed.[...]

Get a dose of healthy wisdom with the My MedicAlert app

For many of you, January marks the beginning of a new calendar year and a fresh start. Regardless of whether you follow the tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions or not, everyone can benefit from the encouragement and wisdom from others to help us get through the day. We’ve captured some of this wisdom in the “Healthy Doses” tool in the My MedicAlert app – a library of wisdom that you can access at any time of day.[...]

With Ian’s on-the-go lifestyle, MedicAlert is a constant companion.

Setting the pace. 84-year old Ian Lavery is the proof that an active life is a good life. Montreal native and long-time Toronto resident Ian Lavery was born with a heart murmur, a serious condition that doesn’t seem to have slowed him down in the slightest. In 2009, when Ian was 77, he suddenly became dizzy and weak on his feet. He was rushed to the nearest hospital and informed by doctors that he would need a pacemaker.[...]

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