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With Ian’s on-the-go lifestyle, MedicAlert is a constant companion.

Setting the pace. 84-year old Ian Lavery is the proof that an active life is a good life. Montreal native and long-time Toronto resident Ian Lavery was born with a heart murmur, a serious condition that doesn’t seem to have slowed him down in the slightest. In 2009, when Ian was 77, he suddenly became dizzy and weak on his feet. He was rushed to the nearest hospital and informed by doctors that he would need a pacemaker.[...]

To all of our valued subscribers, generous donors and appreciated supporters,
We wish you a holiday season filled with joy and peace of mind![...]

Food Allergies and Holiday Parties: A Guide for Keeping Safe

The holidays are usually an exciting time, but for families managing food allergies, holiday parties can be a challenge. To help you prepare, here are some tips, whether you are celebrating with family, friends or co-workers.[...]

Track your Symptoms using the My MedicAlert app

Have you ever visited your doctor’s office and had trouble remembering the details of new symptoms? You are not alone. It is often hard to remember specifics about the type, timing, and duration of symptoms.[...]

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