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How to keep your brain active? Exercises for your brain might help keep it fit

How well our brain functions changes with age. As we get older, some functions start to decline – such as memory or the speed at which we process information. We may lose our car keys more often, leave pasta to boil over on the stove, or forget the name of a person we just met. These brain hiccups can leave us wondering if there are things we can do to stay sharp. It turns out that healthy aging doesn’t just mean moving your body. Exercising your brain is important, too![...]

Access your Personal Health Report using the My MedicAlert app

We are excited to announce the launch of a new feature in the My MedicAlert app called ‘My Storylines!’ This feature will allow you to download your very own personalized health report which you can share with your family or friends.[...]

Courtnay assumed that MedicAlert was for other conditions, not her son’s autism.

Have you ever struggled to find a solution to a challenge, only to find it was under your nose all that time?  Well, that describes how Courtnay learned that MedicAlert ID service could support her son, Gavyn.[...]

New partnership: Coming together to protect brain injury survivors.

Due to the invisible nature of brain injury, symptoms such as slowness to act, lack of impulse control, and failure to respond to directions or communication challenges are behaviours that can be misinterpreted as defiance. That’s why MedicAlert is proud to partner with Brain Injury Canada, a leading advocate for those individuals and families living with brain injury, to help keep your loved one safe in an emergency situation. [...]

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