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Remember to take your medications using the ‘My MedicAlert app’

It is not always easy to remember to take your medications when life gets busy with family functions, house chores, and work. However, taking your medications as prescribed is especially important if you have any heart related conditions.  For example, taking your blood pressure medications does not only help control your blood pressure, but can also help lower your chances of having complications including chronic kidney disease, heart failure, heart attack, or even a stroke.[...]

Shelley shares how MedicAlert protects her and her two boys living with special needs.

At 18, Evan has reached the age where he is gaining independence, leaving home to go to school and learning to navigate the world on his own. This life stage can make many mothers nervous. Yet despite the fact that mom, Shelley, has always kept him close because he lives with multiple anaphylactic allergies, suffers from seizures and is on the autism spectrum, she’s not worried about his safety.[...]

MedicAlert anniversary message

It is truly my privilege to introduce you to our new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Françoise Faverjon-Fortin. Françoise knows MedicAlert very well; she has spent 10 years volunteering on our board of directors including being Chairperson.  Prior to joining MedicAlert in her CEO role, Françoise held a number of senior leadership positions in governance, business development, international business and more, with Export Development Canada (EDC) for 28 yearsShe is passionate and very committed to our charitable mission to help save lives by providing medical identification services at the time of need. [...]

B.C. Paramedic named 2018 Legends of the Call Paramedic Award recipient.

MedicAlert Foundation Canada is proud to recognize Paramedic Adam Forseth of British Columbia Emergency Health Services as the recipient of our 2018 Legends of the Call Paramedic Award.[...]

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