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A long-time subscriber explains why MedicAlert is with her every step of the way while she’s traveling abroad.

Most of our subscribers may not need the protection MedicAlert offers beyond the communities in which they live and work. But what if you travel within Canada, to the U.S. or overseas? [...]

Travel with ease

Your medical ID is engraved using globally accepted medical terminology, understood wherever you go.[...]

6 Tips for Talking to People with Aphasia

Imagine not being able to tell your sweetheart that you love them. Struggling to read a picture book to your grandchild. Having trouble understanding when your friend asks you out for coffee. Failing to write down a phone message.[...]

The Right Call at the Right Time: Toronto paramedic named Legend of the Call award winner

MedicAlert Foundation Canada proudly recognized Jason Hess with the 2017 Legends of the Call – Paramedic award on June 8, 2017. This distinction is presented annually to a paramedic who follows the MedicAlert Look- Read-Call Procedure, which is designed to protect and save the life of someone in need. [...]

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