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60 Years of Saving Lives: Michelle’s Story

Should I pack this in my son’s lunch?

It’s a rhetorical question for most, but for mom, author and Personal Support Worker (PSW) Michelle Nel, the question strikes very close to home.

“On the day our son had his first anaphylactic reaction,” she recalls, “I walked away from the emergency room in a daze. I felt blindsided by my son’s new food allergy diagnosis and overwhelmed by the realization that the world as I knew it had just changed.” [...]

60 Years of Saving Lives: Ann’s Story

To hear Ann describe it, the last five years has been a long haul. Sadly, the retired portfolio accounting manager lost her husband, Steve, in 2016. In 2017, she faced some health challenges of her own that resulted in complicated, daunting heart surgery.

Following the surgery, Ann was put on blood thinners to help with her condition. After 35 years of marriage, Ann felt the weight of Steve not being at her side. She worried about what might happen if she were suddenly to be in a situation where Steve was not there to be her voice. [...]

60 Years of Saving Lives: Jane’s Story

The first time Jane heard her son’s heartbeat was in the Emergency Room. She was 24-weeks pregnant and had just been pulled from the wreckage of her car after an unspeakable accident, and had no idea if her unborn child had survived.

It was 1978. Jane was driving from her parent’s house on the 11th line in Innisfil, Ontario to the small town of Stroud to get groceries when an oil tanker, just finishing a delivery, backed out of a driveway, didn’t see her, and rolled right over her Dodge Dart.

When the paramedics arrived on scene, Jane was unconscious. She was just coming to as they reached into the car to take her pulse. There on her wrist in plain sight was her MedicAlert bracelet.  [...]

Budget 2021: Health care is back on the federal agenda!

MedicAlert Foundation Canada is pleased to see the focus on health as the primary emphasis of Budget 2021. Specifically, Budget 2021 made significant new investments to systemic infrastructure designed to support and protect Canada’s most vulnerable populations.

As one of the largest central repositories of health data in the country, MedicAlert, a registered charity that provides an individual’s health information to first responders when a person is in the midst of a health crisis, we are thrilled that the government is making a significant commitment to data infrastructure and data collection that will aid in evidence-based decision making and policy development.[...]

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